Session Format

Please note that: 1) the “Welcome to my classroom” session format is reserved for 3M fellows only and 2) the Cracker Barrel session will be held one time only, the morning of June 20th after the plenary speaker.

Pre-conference Workshops (Hosted at Bishops University)
  • Preconference Workshop - Half Day June 19th
Main Conference Sessions (Hosted at Université de Sherbrooke)  
  • Cracker Barrel - morning of June 20th ONLY (3 X 20 minutes: when the bell rings, participants move on to another table (6-8 chairs around a table), and the presenter repeats the presentation to a new group.)
  • Poster Session (visual displays offered in a format that promotes informal dialogue between the author(s) and their peers: for presenting a research project or thesis.)
  • My Research in 300 Seconds (a presentation a maximum of 5 images, each displayed a maximum of 60 seconds, totaling 5 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions)
  • Traditional Presentation (The opportunity for presenters to involve their peers in a brief and engaging paper related to new or ongoing research or scholarly thinking; 20 minutes + 5 minutes of questions)
  • Interactive Workshop (75 minutes highly participatory hands-on sessions fostering collaborative development and discussion of ideas)
  • Welcome to my classroom (3M fellows only)