Part-Time Faculty Round Table Discussion

June 21st from 1:15-2:45pm at A1-332

In 1977 Emily Abel wrote "Invisible and Indispensible: Part-Time Teachers in California Community Colleges." Sixteen years later, in 1993, Gappa and Leslie published their book, "The Invisible Faculty: Improving the Status of Part-Timers in Higher Education." Twenty-two years after that, in 2015, Moorehead et al. wrote "Invisible Faculty: Department Chairs’ Perceptions of Part-Time Faculty Status." From 1963 to 2018 there have been over 1,700 articles, books, and theses written about part-time faculty. Survey results in the 1970s bear a remarkable similarity to survey results in the 2000s.

Scott Thomson,a PhD student in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of New Brunswick will be hosting a round table discussion on part-time faculty, specifically focusing on why there are still issues facing part-time faculty. From the myriad of studies over 50 years we know who the part-timers are, we know why they teach, we know the issues they face, we even know how to fix most of the problems, yet studies show....not much has changed. Why?

Everyone is welcome to join in this discussion.