Solo Efforts & Collective Achievements: Experiential Learning on Lac des Nations

You are cordially invited to join a group of higher education professors and educational developers in an innovative full-day educational excursion on Lac des Nations, just a few minutes from the Université de Sherbrooke campus. Launching at the Club Aquatique de Sherbrooke, participants in the STLHE Conference can enjoy the pre-conference day on the water, exploring the natural environment and discussing Conference themes.

Open to paddlers of all abilities and experience, this bilingual event will allow participants to develop their individual skills in canoes or kayaks, as well as to contribute to team paddling synchronicity in the famous Dragon Boat.

Organizers of this outdoor experience have designed a day of active learning to examine concepts such as experiential education, pedagogical innovation, changing cultures in higher education, and wellness in the academic community. Participants will enjoy a picnic lunch together at the Club Aquatique.

The group leaders, who have organized similar workshops in conjunction with several STLHE Conferences over the past ten years, look forward to a memorable day of outdoor activity, stimulating conversation, and the development of a renewed sense of community to provide a healthy start to the conference experience.

The group leaders, from the University of Windsor, are:

Dave Andrews

Judy Bornais

Marie-Jeanne Monette

Alan Wright

Registration for this pre-conference event, as well as the collection of fees, is being handled entirely by the U of Windsor group leaders. For information please write to Alan Wright at and Marie-Jeanne Monette at